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WHAT DO WE DO?.......

As the name suggests, we put coatings on wood.......lots and lots of it!


We've been a family run independent business since 1996, starting as a mobile priming service, and are now probably the largest independent timber coating plant in the UK.  We have multiple vacuum and automatic spray coating lines allowing us to coat both internal and external applications from Clear Lacquers to Opaque colours.  All done in a factory environment with ISO9001 controlled procedures.



You probably won't want to know the boring stuff of how or what we do to achieve the end results, just that it's all done in a professional way, with pride in what we do.
All the different coating types and their differing methods of application are catered for, and if you really really need to know can press the button below for a bit more info!


Under our ISO9001 certification, we can Fire Treat your stock to EuroClass B classifications using specified products such as HR Prof, Envirograf, ACS Chemicals etc.  
We are one of the few UK companies who can apply 'HR Prof Industrial' to an approved standard with full certification.
The efficiency of HR Prof is tested and approved internationally, it meets the classifications of Euroclass B-s1-d0, (UK class 0 on solid wood, Euroclass C-s1-d0 (UK class 1) on plywood, K1 10 and K2 10.


We apply what you tell us, as most of the specifications come from architects or specifiers - we operate independently of any specific manufacturer or distributor. That allows us, and you, to be completely free to make the choice. We're not like some coating plants that offer only specific coatings, we're flexible enough to be able to cope with most things that are thrown at us.  
However, there's always a however, and sometimes we have to advise that the specified product may not be the most suitable for the end use, and we can offer a more suitable alternative. Check out below who we commonly work with.

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Since we started the application of fire retardant coatings almost 20 years ago, lots of things have changed, both legislatively and in our conscious thoughts, particularly with tragic events of recent times.  We wanted to ensure that we went down the path of ensuring we had all the parts in place to meet the standards in ourselves, the products we use, and the methods used to apply the products.  We worked closely with CATG who helped us achieve the ISO9001 certification, and we were pleased be awarded the certificate at the end of November 2019.

TDCA CladMark


We are a CladMark accredited Supplier

CladMark is an independent, third-party certification scheme (administered by the Timber Decking and Cladding Association). Based on recognised quality assurance standards it confirms compliance to best practice guidance and relevant national or international Standards.

To demonstrate our purchasing procedures ensure cladding products are fit for purpose and meet the specifications set by the Scheme, our Quality Management Systems are audited every 12 months by an independent inspector appointed by the TDCA.

For more info:

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Units 2-6 Wrynose Road

Old Hall Industrial Estate



CH62 3QD

Office: 0151 230 1025   Mobile: 07778461644

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