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This is a listing of the most popular requested brands and typical products specified. 

They are listed alphabetically, not in order of any preference!

Pop over to the downloads page to get further info on many of the products:

  • Anker Stuy:

      Woodstain TP Translucent

      Woodstain DE Opaque

  • Remmers

Translucent & Opaque paints/stains

  • Leegwater Paints & Stains

  • Sentrin Chromacoat/aka Colorseen Timberstain

  • Fire Retardant UK Ltd:

       HR Prof EuroClass B & C

  • Morrells:

       Internal lacquers and sealers

  • Owatrol:

       Industrial SI106


  • Osmo:

       Wood Oil 420 Clear

  • Sikkens:

       Translucent stains WF771

       Opaque Rubbol WP360

      Clear &​

      Grey Pigmented

  • Teknos:

       Base Stains & Primers​

       Topcoat Film finishes

       Woodex Aqua OIl

       Drywood Stain, V V stain, Firestain

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