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As part of our ISO9001 certification we have to ensure that we apply all coatings to the manufacturers recommendations. We therefore need to have the machines that can apply coatings correctly, and we have invested significantly over the last few years so we are able to cater with the variety and volumes that are demanded.

Vacuum Coating Lines:

Three Vacuum Coaters with 'in-line' denibber machines, each capable of producing up to 10,000 lineal metres per day.  

Automatic Linear Spray Lines: 

Two automatic lines, each with multiple spray gun options and denibbing machines. Typically used for lacquer application on Hardwood sections, Oils on external cladding.

Curtain Coating:

From primer/sealer coats on all board sizes up to 8 x 4, through to fully finished painted boards, such as site hoardings and surface Fire Treatments.

Texturing Machine:

Texturing or Structuring is the term used for eroding the softer summer growth in timber leaving the harder autumn and winter growth. This gives a distressed or rustic effect to the timber, enhancing the natural grain. Following structuring we can apply stain and paints to give a weathered or charred effect

Brushing Machines:

We have several brushing machines, primarily used for Fire Retardant application, as they both spray and back brush fluid into the surface.

Sample Production:

We are happy to provide cladding samples of most species with a factory coated finish. For samples of cladding coated with specific colours we will charge £40 + VAT per sample up to a maximum of four (this is because we do not hold stock of all colours and therefore must order in the colour requested).

Factory Coatings: Products
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