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Under our ISO9001 certification, we can Fire Treat your stock to EuroClass B classifications using specified products such as HR Prof, Envirograf, ACS Chemicals etc.  

We are one of the few UK fire retardant applicators who can apply 'HR Prof Industrial' to an approved standard with full certification.

The efficiency of HR Prof is tested and approved internationally, it meets the classifications of Euroclass B-s1-d0, (UK class 0 on solid wood, Euroclass C-s1-d0 (UK class 1) on plywood, K1 10 and K2 10.

The unique patented technology permits HR Prof to help extend the lifetime of treated wood, transforming it into a more fungal and blue stain resistant substrate.

Once absorbed into the surface of the wood HR Prof combines chemically within the cell structure, but does not form a surface finish, which allows the wood to breathe naturally.

In the event of fire, carbon char is restricted to the immediate area restricting the spread of flame.

Wood treated with HR Prof complies with EU Construction Products Regulations, enabling customers to apply for a CE mark on treated timber. HR Prof is certificated according to EU Regulation No: 305/2011 (Construction Products Regulation)

  • Euroclass B-s1-d0

  • Water based

  • Eco‐friendly

  • Internal and external application, does not leach

  • Colourless and odourless

  • Apply with brush, roller, low pressure spray or vacuum

  • Non Toxic – No Solvents

  • No maintenance required

  • Tested to BS 476-6 & BS 476 part 7

  • Meets the highest EU quality standards

Certified Timber Species:

  • BM TRADA Certification for Consistency of Performance of HR Prof on 18mm-8.5mm Spruce Cladding

  • SPRUCE: Euro-class “B-s1-d0″

  • PINE: Euro-class “B-s1-d0″

  • EUROPEAN OAK: Euro-class “B-s1-d0”

  • SCOTCH LARCH: Euro-class “B-s1-d0″ & BS 476 PART 6 & 7 UK Class “O”

  • SIBERIAN LARCH: Euro-class “B-s1-d0″

  • WESTERN RED CEDAR: Euro-class “B-s1-d0″

  • BIRCH PLYWOOD : Euro-class “C-s1-d1″

  • OAK FACED PLYWOOD: BS 476: PART 7: 1997 Class “2”

  • SUCUPIRA AMARELA Hardwood (density 1000kg/m3): Euro-class “B-s1-d0″


  • Pine Flooring Radiant Panel 18mm, to EN ISO 9239-1:2002 Indicative Euro B-S1-d0

  • Fire Resistance classification K1 10

  • Fire Resistance classification K2 10

  • HR PROF (Holz Prof) development and manufacture approved to ISO 9001-2008


Check our Download section for info sheets and Test results

More results available upon request.

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